Ultimately we work the way that works for you. We're agile and flexible and will find a way to meet your needs without creating friction or stress.. because nobody needs that. Because of our diverse experience we can add value in many ways across many different business models. The below is a guide to see how we might fit in your workflow.

If you simply need to know costs to help make your decisions? Try our Rates Guide Here.



The bulk of our experience is working with blue chip brands. We get your challenges - from market share or retail relationships, to finding the way from connection to conversion. Whether you are a challenger or a category leader - we can help.

We'd love to chat about your strengths, aspirations, the lay of the land and which battles need fighting - not to mention the chinks in the armour and the strength of the enemy. We specialise in finding new or better ways to win the war.

After reviewing our initial chat or a draft brief we'll develop a reverse brief or approach summary for you to consider, indicate costs and outputs and we can take it from there.



We don't do what you do. We could, but that's not why you're here... what we do is help to fuel your fire.

Our background is agency and we want to make you look good. We specialise in the oddball briefs, the ones that don't fit the box. A client that isn't sure what they want.. who's ticking the wrong boxes or thinks they want something that clearly doesn't fit their needs. When there's too many dots to connect and the creative team are going in circles, we can help make sense of things, find and apply the insights, create some structure, bring strategy to the table so that when you do what you do, it works better than ever.

We're happy to simply help with overflow, or discuss a live brief, objectively review work in progress (all under NDA of course) or even look at your processes or development plan for working smarter. It starts with an email... and ends with happy clients.



There's money to be made, shoppers to please, traffic to attract and a world of choice to navigate.

We can help at many points but the most valuable is looking at your space through fresh eyes. Whether that starts with eye-tracking, visual audits, or mining existing research, a shopper lens on your efforts can unlock brave new ways to trade. And we understand brands, their role in your success and new ways to engage so everybody wins.

We'd love to chat with the brand team, the insights team, the category and the merchandising teams, and we know that the greatest insight can come from the most unlikely sources. But let's start with you.

The best approach is a coffee and a discussion, we'll go away and create a summary of the challenge, an approach to solving it, necessary resources and cost/time implications. If you see the merit in our proposal, we can take it from there.



For many clients we find the problem is not one of marketing, but of integration. Getting everyone on the same page and swimming in the same direction. Using the same language and sharing an understanding of the task at hand.

We offer session rates and services where we can help you work on your business as much as in it.

From a 'Shopper' intro or training to presentations, workshops and strategic ideation sessions, we can help align your stakeholders and improve results.

This is usually a complex space so we don't expect a well drawn up brief, usually a coffee and an open mind will get the ball rolling. From there we'll develop a proposal and you can decide how you'd like to proceed.