Ultimately we work to provide a valuable service at an attractive rate. We don't meticulously track the moments, nor do we trade in open ended invoices – but we will discuss your needs, provide indicative costs and inclusions and keep the dialogue open as work progresses. The guidelines below are provided to help you plan your resources should you decide to call.

  • A conversation is a great place to start... and it's FREE!

    1 hr

  • We can work to a budget, or a timeframe, or both. Let's discuss it.

    1 hr

    $150 - $250
  • When the task is less well defined, try blocks of time at great rates.

    8 hr

    $900 - $1800 NZD
  • Training, workshops, etc- try a tailored session. Generally 3hrs+prep.

    3 hr

    $800 - $1400